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Japanese & Modern


When you get off the boat and walk about 50m from the port square, the city of Miyaura stands quietly.
Yakisugi (burned cedar) walls and black tile houses line up, and the sea breeze blows through the narrow alleys.
I realized that I came to the island with the scent of the tide and the swaying “NOREN” entrance curtain.
Quint House Naoshima is a small guesthouse that stands quietly in the alley of Miyaura.
This is a Japanese Modern inn that is an 80-year-old folk house renovated inside.

a life in Naoshima

If you want to travel where you feel like living there and spend time slowly in an old folk house, Quint House makes such a trip a reality.
Quint House is equipped with a separate bedroom and living room with a dining table and kitchen, microwave, kettle and tableware set (Reservation required for IH stove).
3 minutes walk from Miyaura Port, 1 minute from "I ♥ 湯" where you can enjoy the public bath, 2 minutes at the convenience store, 8 minutes at the supermarket, 4 minutes at the post office, and there are restaurants, cafes and bars around.

There are no soft lights through Japanese paper, black pillars that have been used for 80 years, patterned curtains, Bizen ware figurines, and gorgeous decorations, but it is a "Japanese" space where you can relax from the bottom of your heart.
-Quint House furniture is mainly MUJI walnut and oak furniture.
-For a more comfortable sleep, MUJ products are used for mattresses, duvets and down pillows.
-RoomA and RoomB are made of solid quince, and RoomC is made of solid chestnut. Feel the warmth of wood with bare feet.
Our staff come from different countries around the world, with mixed nationalities and speak many different languages. Most of us have come to Naoshima Island to live a slow and relaxing lifestyle, to live by the sea or to see Naoshima's extraordinary art. Please ask us for help and we will happily do our best to make your stay more memorable. We may even share with you some of the Islands best kept secrets!